New video for Dossier Journal

When asking Dossier Journal Magazine what kind of video they wanted, they told my stylist to do whatever he wanted, that other magazines wouldn't allow. He responded loudly.

Take a look at the madness on video, as well as some of the photoshoot. Quite different than anything I've ever done but lots of fun.



My Polaroid in THRASHER Magazine?

Recently found out through the grapevine that one of my Polaroids was being used in an ad in Thrasher Magazine. COMUNE is good people... Below model Kelley Ash "hangs tough" next to Don "the nuge" Nguyen in the March issue, out right now.

I had a subscription to Thrasher when I was 12 years old. Never thought I'd be in it almost 20 years later. (viva los New Kids...)


I just signed to a new LA agency.

Apparently there are agencies in California that appreciate good photography. After a long time of doubt about joining an agency in LA due to mediocre options, I finally found a good match. Take a look at CURRENT Studios and enjoy some great work. Along with my good friend and fellow collaborator Jason Lee Parry (and for the record, he was asked to join first).
a Hollywood babylon indeed...

( www.currentstudiola.com )