Living on Video...

Yulia from Marilyn Models plays around after a shoot during my latest visit to New York City. The real shoot to be out soon, but here's a rough cut of the playfulness.

dramarama. from andrew kuykendall on Vimeo.


Polaroid story for Culture Magazine

It's always interesting seeing how magazines layout a Polaroid story. Here's a new one for the Culture Magazine yearbook issue. Please disregard the tacky title they gave it. And the strange note.

(p.s. that is in fact David Lynch on the lower right page... a scholar and a gentleman indeed)


Mirage Magazine #2 preview

Although there were times when I thought it may never come out, the new issue of Mirage Magazine looks very impressive. Never a shortage of eye candy... Take a look at my new story in there. Pick it up when it arrives in the States shortly.


my newest video "Motel Jezebel"

Take a look my newest fashion video, because the fashion bandwagon is always calling... actually, it's too much fun to not play with video. I don't care how "hot" it is right now.

Debauchery and Surveillance... with music by Portishead